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Customer Service: Good vs Great

I’ve had a few experiences recently that have been eye opening and frustrating as a customer. Just plain bad service.

This isn’t a post to vent or moan, merely an observation about service levels.

The conclusion I have reached is that the difference between ‘good‘ and ‘great‘ service is that great service gives the customer above and beyond what they need; even when they themselves don’t know what that is.

Let me explain.

Good service tackles the problem at hand. The problem, outlined by the customer, that can be solved and gets boxes ticked.

Great service tackles the route cause of the problem that the customer doesn’t even realise is the underlying issue that they are experiencing.

Good service does what the customer perceives as an acceptable solution.

Great service wows the customer with the level of care and attention.

Good service placates the customer from complaining after the fact.

Great service turns the customer into an advocate, sharing their superb experience of the brand with others.

Little mistakes can be huge opportunities. Companies can turn the situation into a net positive for their brand, through great customer service.

I wonder if someone, somewhere, is deliberately engineering these minor mistakes and capitalising on the opportunity of truly wowing their customers through great service.

Now, bad service? We all know what that looks like. And the stories spread fast!

What’s the best customer service experience you’ve ever had? What’s the worst? Had a customer service experience which made you do a full 180 on your opinion of the company/brand? Would love to hear your stories in the comments below.