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CultureTalks – an interview I did about Company Culture

A few weeks ago I was asked to do an interview with a company called OfficeVibe.  They’re a cool company based in Canada and their product consists of tasks and goals that you and your colleagues can complete at work to help boost you team dynamic and company culture.

So, I jumped on a Google Hangout with Jacob Shriar, the Growth Manager at OfficeVibe and we had a really interesting discussion.  He asked me about my company, Zealify and how we are big on helping job seekers discover awesome companies that have a great culture and how finding a company where you’re a great fit should be really important.

We also discussed some of the common themes about company culture and the idea that companies with the best culture have a deep, shared sense of purpose across the team.  This translates into the hiring process where candidates should be looking to join a company whose mission they believe in and also how companies make hiring decisions based on culture fit.

People overlook the fact that they spend at least eight hours a day at work, if not more. It’s a large percentage of your life. Why not pick somewhere where you’re actually really going to enjoy it?

I shared some of my opinions on millennials, job searching and careers for graduates after university. It’s a fairly short interview at just 15 minutes so take a watch via the link below if you’re interested and I would welcome any comments or questions about the topics covered.

CultureTalks Presents – Hiring Top Talent with Andy Parker from Zealify