How to Start A Startup: CS183B

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How to Start A Startup

Why you should dedicate 1000 minutes to watching this class…

This week, Sam Altman, President at Y-Combinator, has launched a class titled “How to Start A Startup“. There is so much advice and content across the internet about startups but this course is in a class of it’s own (no pun intended).

The course itself is a module being taught at Stanford University as part of the Computer Science degree; module CS183B. When you look through the list of speakers it makes you realise why Silicon Valley is a place like no other and why Stanford University has such a competitive advantage in creating a number of the world’s best entrepreneurs. I certainly envy the fortunate Stanford students that are able to attend the class in person.

The class syllabus is well thought through, covers everything you would expect from a course of this nature and has a list of guest speakers that is quite frankly astounding. Every single one of them has been involved in the creation of a $1 billion startup. If that doesn’t speak for itself then I’m not sure what would.

If you need any more convincing, over 50,000 people worldwide have subscribed for the course and it’s being watched in over 450 universities across the world.

I watched the first class today and plan to catch the second this weekend. The first class is an introduction from Sam himself and Dustin Moskovitz, a co-founder of Facebook, talks about ‘Why to Start a Startup’.

If you’re either: a) a founder of a startup. b) considering starting a startup. c) think you might startup a startup at some point in the future. d) an employee of a startup and want to become more aware of what the founders go through. or e) just really interested and want to learn a ton and completely change the way you think about business then you should take this class. The additional reading is also fascinating.

I guarantee watching this class will be a great investment of your time.

You can even stick it in the ‘courses’ section on your LinkedIn profile as evidence once it’s done. Who doesn’t like to show off a bit of additional learning?

You can sign up at


Andy (@ParkerACS)

PS. Let me know in the comments if you’ve already signed up or plan to sign up – I would love to hear what you make of it and how you’re getting.

Here is the course syllabus:

CS183B course syllabus

A screenshot of the course syllabus taken from An incredible list of guest speakers.